Radical 玉

jade, king

Used in:
country, nation, state, national  



a treasure, jewel or gem, precious  

twisted, crooked, in the wrong, in vain  

to cut (gems)  

green jade, bluish green, blue, jade  

luster of gems  

agate, cornelian  

gem, beautiful jade  

jasper, fine jade, exquisite (e.g. wine, food), beautiful  

sound of tinkling (ting-a-ling) of gem-pendants  

precious stone, jade, nacre, precious  

precious stone  

extraordinary, (semi-precious stone)  

(crystal), lustrous  

irregular pearl  

fine jade, angel  



jade plaything, ancient stone ornament  

gem, precious stone, curio  

precious stone, gem, treasure  


tinkling of pendants, jade-like stone  

jade disc with a hole (annulus)  

jade-like stone  

imperial (ruler's) seal  

brilliancy (of gems), fine jade, genius  

beautiful jade  

vessel used to hold grain offerings  

blemish, flaw in jade, defect  

pearl or jade earring  

unpolished gem  

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