Radical 犬


Used in:
correct, right so, thus, like this, -ly  

to cry, to weep  

to dash, proceed quickly, break through, suddenly  

silent, write from memory  

to loathe, dislike, detest  

to catch, to capture, to reap, to harvest, to obtain  

to offer, to present, dedicate, donate  

to burn, to ignite, to enlight, to spark off (hopes)  

accusation, suit, state, condition, great  

equipment, device, tool, utensil  

stench, stink, smelly, to smell bad  

prison, jail, penitentiary  

to subdue, to conceal oneself, hibernation  


to smell, to sniff, to nose  

bundle wrapped in cloth  

thick weeds, luxuriant growth, impertinent  

suddenly, abrupt  

to inspect, to check, bow to the ground  

whirlwind, violent wind  

to bark  


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