Radical 人

Used in:
person, people, man  
individual, this, that, size  
to meet, can, be possible, likely to, to assemble  
to recognize, to know, to admit  
now, today, present, current, this  
to sit, to take (a seat/a bus), bear fruit  
to drink, to shout loudly, My goodness!  
tea, tea plant  
follow, obey, (passing) through, from ... to  
to use, according to, by means of, in order to  
between, lie between, introduce  
to rest, to cease, to stop doing sth.  
both, two, a few, tael(=50 grams unit = two ounces)  
healthy, to be good at, to invigorate, strong, robust  
to borrow, to lend, excuse  
history, annals  
umbrella, parasol  
share, portion, part, copy (of magazine)  
troops, team, squadron, group  
to hand over to, deliver, to pay  
many persons, numerous, crowd  
inside, inner, interior  
low, to lower (one's head), to hang down  
all, whole, entire, every, complete  
to fall, to collapse, to go bankrupt  
accidental, image, pair, mate  
(two, three etc) -fold, times (multiplier)  
proud, arrogant, to despise, unyielding, to defy  
to pass on, to conduct (electricity), to transmit  
partner, companion, comrade  
custom, convention, popular, vulgar, coarse  
remaining, extra, surplus  
to order, to command, warrant  
to plan a project, company, to stand on tiptoe  
smart, eminent, handsome, talented  
to depend on, according to, rely on  
to urge, to press, to prompt, to rush sb  
to urge, urgent, to press (for action), hurried  
spark, flickering, flash, lightning, to sprain  
near, approaching, to depend on  
to stretch, to extend  
immortal, god, supernatural entity  
warehouse, barn, granary, cabin  
Confucius, scholar  
to invade, to encroach, to infringe, to approach  
if, supposing, in case  
biased, one-sided, prejudiced, inclined, slant  
to admire, to face upward, to look up, to rely on  
to subdue, to conceal oneself, hibernation  
to insult, to ridicule, to disgrace  
marquis, nobleman or high official  
I (northern dialects)  
second amongst brothers, intermediate  
bureaucrat, colleague, fellow-worker  
civil servant, an official  
age, 7th of the 10 Heavenly Stems 十天干  
surname Tong  
to assent, approve, OK  
trick, scheme, skill, tactic, craft  
drag, pull, to tow  
arrange, (mountain range in Xinjiang)  
sound of escaping laughter, to water  
monk, Sangha, the Buddhist monastic order  
garrison, to protect  
persist, continue (as a song)  
unpolished gem  
(flower) bud  

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