Radical 水

Used in:
water, liquid  
ask for, to beg, seek, look for, request  
ice, to freeze  
forever, always, eternally, perpetual  
spring (small stream) spring water, fountain  
diary, record, to hit, to copy  
to bear, responsibility, to take charge  
to tread on, to stamp, to press a pedal  
safe, peaceful, most, grand, Thailand  
violence, sudden, cruel, to show or expose, to injure  
to contain, to include, culvert  
to steam (cooking), sultry, to evaporate  
rescue, save, to raise, to aid, to support  
tangle of vines, rattan, cane  
envelope, case, letter  
尿 to urinate, urine  
deputy, assist  
rhinoceros, sharp  
broth, serum, starch paste  
many, again and again, pile (i.e. of papers)  

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