Radical 亠

Used in:
capital city of a country  
brain, mind, head, essence  
to shine, bright, clear, brilliant, resonant  
ask for, to beg, seek, look for, request  
market, city  
to get angry, hate, enraged  
cream, balm, ointment, paste  
to break into pieces, fragmentary  
to give birth, to produce, estate  
rate, ratio, frequency, to lead, usually  
to be drunk, intoxicated  
to tremble, to shiver, to shake, to vibrate  
compassionate, gentle, kind, humane  
to groan, to snort, to hum, to croon, humph!  
to die, deceased, to lose, to flee  
also, namely, likewise, that is  
without authority, to usurp, to monopolize, to be good at  
size of fields, (one fifteenth of a hectare)  
to make a report (to a superior), petition, to give  
freezing, shiver with cold or fear, strict, afraid, stern  
pig, boar of the 12th earthly branch: 9-11 p.m.  
overbearing, excessive  
soldier, servant, abrupt, sudden, to finish, to die  
sandalwood, hardwood  
prosperous, flourish  
disrespectful, obscene, licentious  
to accuse of misconduct, impeach  

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