Radical 殳

Used in:
to submerge, die, not, have not, to end  
section, segment, paragraph, stage (of a process)  
manner, kind, sort, class, way  
to transport, to (re-)move, relocate  
forge, to discipline  
to throw, to send, to invest  
to organize, to set up, to establish, display  
thigh, share, portion, electric currents  
epidemic, plague  
to destroy (by fire), to damage, to defame, slander  
perseverance, endurance, resolute staunch  
殿 palace hall  
forced labor, corvée, obligatory task, military service  
to beat up, to hit sb  
flourishing, abundant, dark red, roll of thunder  
butt, buttocks  
firm, stable, rock  
scar, mark on the skin  

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