Radical 木

Used in:
appearance, manner, pattern, way, shape  
roots or stems of plants, book, origin  
machine, engine, opportunity  
fruit, result, indeed  
school, to check, to compare, to proofread  
tea, tea plant  
cup, glass, (classifier for glasses)  
new, newly, recent  
long strip, (long thin things), article, clause (of law or treaty)  
happy, laugh, cheerful  
bed, couch  
to rest, to cease, to stop doing sth.  
tree, to plant  
root, basis, classifier for long slender objects (cigarettes)  
to check, examine, inspect, exercise restraint  
mutually, each other, one another, appearance  
extremely, pole (geography, physics), utmost, top  
house with more than 1 story, storied building  
plank, board, plate, stiff  
bundle, to bind, bunch  
end, tip, final stage  
to examine, to research, to check  
blossom, flower, earlobe  
ladder, stairs, steps  
surface, sign, to mark, award, indication  
general, approximate  
mixed, miscellaneous, various, mingle  
to surround, sleepy, tired, distress  
parent, relative/intimate, close, kiss  
loose, to loosen, to relax, pine (=tree)  
proposal, record, (legal) case, incident  
material, timber, ability  
to plant, plantation  
to dye, catch (a disease), contaminate  
deep, profound, dark (of color)  
grid, lattice, pattern, square, standard  
skill, method, technique  
classifier for trees, cabbages, plants etc  
stick, bat, cudgel, smart, strong  
bucket, (trash) can, barrel (of oil etc)  
oak, acorn  
framework, to support, frame, rack, kidnapping  
model, mold, matrix, standard, norm, to imitate  
to kill, to murder  
a certain, some(thing), such-and-such  
tree, wood, wooden  
(human) rights, authority, power  
firearm, rifle, spear  
foolish, stupid, expressionless  
leisure, free time, unoccupied, not busy  
soft, flexible, supple, yielding  
to gather, collect, collected works  
thriving, prosperous, booming, glory  
file, shelve, official records, grade (of goods)  
firewood, lean (meat), thin (person)  
cupboard, cabinet, wardrobe  
to analyze, to divide, to separate  
not yet, earthly, year 8 of the Sheep  
to narrate, to state, to tell, formulate  
nucleus, nuclear, stone (of a fruit), to examine  
throat, voice  
to construct, to form, to compose  
a comb, to comb  
pear (fruit)  
birchleaf pear (tree), to stop, to restrict  
classifier for coins, rings, rockets, tree trunk  
branch, sticks, rods, pencils  
cotton or kapok  
pole, stick, lever, "long objects"  
mulberry tree  
plain and simple, unadorned  
column (of balance sheet), fence, hurdle, box  
to explore, to search out, to visit  
horizontal, across, rude, unreasonable, perverse  
frame (e.g. door frame), casing, framework, template  
withered, dried up  
Buddhist monastery 剎多羅, to brake, stop  
rod, stick, truncheon  
ditch, drain, stream or canal  
to plant, to grow, to insert  
a rod, stick, cane, walking stick  
spine, vertebra, backbone, mallet  
machine, appliance, tool, gear, mechanical  
tree(s)trunk, stump (tree root), [classifier]  
decay, rotten, degenerate  
public list of names (i.e. examinees)  
pillow, to rest one's head  
pillar, pole, post  
to tie together, bundle, a bunch  
ridgepole of building, classifier for buildings  
heroic, outstanding person, prominent  
palm tree, palm fiber, coir (coconut fiber)  
tip of branch  
to knead, to massage, to rub  
twisted, crooked, in the wrong, in vain  
paddle, oar  
card, letter, note, notice  
carrying pole, horizontal bar, lever, crowbar  
beam of roof, ridgepole, bridge  
slag (smelting), remainder, dregs  
ellipse, oval, elliptic  
to bathe, to cleanse, to receive  
orange tree, orange (color)  
to squeeze (out juice), to extract, salted vegetable  
plum (=ume), Japanese apricot  
to move back and forth, shuttle (textiles)  
laurel, cassia, abbr. for Guangxi 广西壮族自治区  
Chinese wood-oil tree (Aleurites cordata)  
fir, pine, cedar  
dates, jujube  
shed, canopy, shack  
edge, arris (=sharp ridge), corner, protrusion  
to perch, to rest (of birds), dwell, live, to stay  
cedar, cypress  
handle or shaft (of tool), stem (flower or fruit)  
stem, stalk, to block, to hinder  
plug, bottle stopper, wooden pin  
post, stake, stump, pile, affair  
trough, manger, groove, channel  
fence, grid  
willow (tree)  
low bed, couch  
wardrobe, closet, cabinet  
eaves, ledge or brim  
Chinese scholar tree (Sophora japonica), Japanese pagoda tree  
Chinese soapberry (Sapindus mukurossi)  
the Song dynasty (960-1279)  
palisade, wood or bamboo trestlework, warehouse, inn  
wooden board for writing, short note  
wash, cleanse  
corner, edge, square beam  
fence, cage  
twitter, chirp  
stronghold, stockade, camp, village  
handle of axe, stem  
Sterculia platanifolia  
chestnut, afraid, trembling  
precious stone, gem, treasure  
banister, balustrade, cage, door sill, threshold  
firewood, gather wood  
sandalwood, hardwood  
hinge, pivot, hub  
regular script (calligraphic style), model, pattern  
mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata), tangerine  
cangue (wooden collar as punishment)  
Machilus nanmu, Chinese cedar, Chinese giant redwood  
hardwood, supports, posts  
vivid, lifelike, oak (Quercus serrata)  
Catalpa kaempferi, (Indian bean tree), printing blocks  
City Hangzhou 杭州  
boxthorn (Lycium chinense), willow  
to wedge, wedge  
birch tree, Betula japonica  
owl, brave, smuggler, drug pusher  
coconut palm  
palm tree  

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