Radical 月

Meaningmoon, month
Used in:
front, ahead, before, first, former  
bright, clear, to understand  
moon, month  
a period of time, phase  
Moon, cloudy, shady, rearside, Yin of (Yin:阴/Yang:阳)  
to expect, to hope, to visit, to gaze (into the distance)  
bear, raging flames  
to guess, assume, conjecture  
government, morning, audience, pilgrimage  
clear, bright, optimistic  
tyrant, hegemon, to rule by force, to usurp  
oath, pledge, union, to ally, league  
to gnaw, to nibble, to bite  
marrow (spinal or plant's stem), essence, pith  
hazy, deceive, indistinct  
hazy moonlight, hazy, unclear  
shed, canopy, shack  
I, we (imperial use), subtle  
new moon, beginning, first day of lunar month  
婿 son-in-law  
to roast, BBQ, to broil, to toast  

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