Radical 日

Meaningsun, day
Used in:
correct, indeed, to be:am/is  
period, time, era, hour, season  
to think, to believe, to suppose, to wish, to miss  
bright, clear, to understand  
shadow, reflection, movie, photograph  
star, planet  
to drink, to shout loudly, My goodness!  
yesterday, past  
early, morning  
day, sun, abbr. for Japan  
evening, night, late  
sing, to call loudly, to chant  
between, among, to separate  
clear, fine (weather)  
most, the most, extreme, -est  
person, (used to refer to previous)  
Sun, positive, sun, male principle, Yang of (Yin:阴/Yang:阳)  
single, individual, only, bill, list  
former, old, opposite, worn (with age)  
spring (time), joyful, gay  
to marry, marriage, wedding, to take a wife  
easy, amiable, to change, to exchange  
scenery, bright, circumstance  
warm, temperature  
to explain, to extend, (monkey in animal calendar)  
thick, deep or profound, kind, generous  
temporary, for the time being, provisional  
general, popular, everywhere, universal  
to warm, to heat  
heat, hot weather, summer heat  
wisdom, knowledge, intelligence  
visible, to illustrate, to display, conspicuous  
dawn, morning, day-break  
reflect, shine  
湿 moist, wet  
elder brother, descendant, insect  
to replace, on behalf of, to substitute for  
banquet, feast, repose  
to propose, instigate, initiate, promote, introduce  
dizzy, giddy, to faint, to swoon, to lose consciousness  
ten days, ten years, full period  
obscure, gloomy, hidden, dark, secret, muddled  
to dry in the sun, to sunbathe  
to tread on, to stamp, to press a pedal  
to dazzle, to shake, swing  
to lift, raise one's head, soaring, expensive  
oath, pledge, union, to ally, league  
twilight, dusk, lose consciousness, muddle-headed  
flourishing, prosperous, roaring (fire)  
violence, sudden, cruel, to show or expose, to injure  
prosperous, flourishing  
dawn, daybreak, to let sb know  
conceal, dark, obscure  
former times, the past  
to move forward, to promote, to advance  
dike, dam, embankment  
morning, daybreak, daybreak  
order, purpose, imperial decree, aim  
inner strength, contain/collect, accumulate, hold in store  
daytime, daylight  
meet (socially), to encounter sb.  
vast, neglect, desert, waste, wilderness  
to explode or burst, to quick fry or boil  
waterfall, shower (rain)  
ward off (a blow)  
to air, to sun, (to expose to air or sun)  
stupid, clumsy, rude, crass  
step on, trample, to waste, wreck  
(of daylight) dim, obscure, clandestine, dubious  
pleasant, genius and warm  
to dry in the air  
beautiful, handsome, extended  
bright, manifest, luminous, clear  
dark, deep, stupid, the underworld  
evening, sunset, one's old age  
midday, noon, part of the day, moment  
dawn, rising sun  
addicted to, fond of, preference, (word's end ...-phil)  
low bed, couch  
fierce, violent, heroic, courageous, intrepid, dauntless  
dark, night, unlucky  
infection, epidemic, plague, pestilence  
drag, pull, to tow  
daybreak, dawn, the dawn of a new epoch (metaphor)  
to bring together, to shovel a heap, to gather  
dam, embankment, dike, bank, weir  
sunshine, to shine upon  
to long for, yearn for, awaken  
aurora, first light of a day  
man of sixty or seventy  
many, again and again, pile (i.e. of papers)  
quiet, peace, late  
vast and limitless, the vast sky  

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