Radical 方

Meaningdirection, square
Used in:
room, house  
to travel, to swim, to tour, to roam, to walk  
journey, travel, trip  
one side, beside, other, the right-hand side of Chinese character  
to achieve, succeed, to accomplish  
direction, square, upright, side  
to release, to free, to let go, to let out  
clan, race, nationality, ethnicity  
to invite, to request, to intercept, to solicit or seek  
仿 to imitate, to copy, mimic, seemingly  
to protect, to defend, guard, dam, dike  
implement a measure, to grant, to bestow, to carry out  
访 to visit, to call on, to seek, to investigate  
obstruction, hinder, harm  
shoulder, upper arm, swollen, urinary bladder  
near, approaching, to depend on  
flourishing, to contain, vigorous, prosperous  
unexpectedly, to stare blankly, distracted, rashly  
to spin (cotton or hemp etc)  
to revolve, a loop, a circle, whirl, return  
to lay out, to apply (powder, ointment), to spread, enough  
banner, flag  
animal fat  
beautiful jade, star  
bunch, crowded, gathered, gather foliage  
lane (often in a street name), neighborhood, workshop  
corner, edge, square beam  
irresolute, seemingly  
to ramble, to rove  
superfluous, redundant, cumbersome  
river sludge, to silt up  
'particle for relation': in, at, to, from  

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