Radical 文

Meaningscript, culture
Used in:
this, these, present, now  
text, language, culture, writing, literary  
to cross a river, to aid or relieve, to be of help  
crowded, to squeeze, throng  
same level with, even sth out, of equal length  
clear, deep (of water), swift, to skim over / to browse  
line, trace, mark, decoration  
stained, spot, colored patch, stripe  
dose, medical substance  
grave, tomb, mound  
tangled, disorderly, confused, chaotic  
study room, building, vegetarian, to give alms  
to act with reverence, reverent  
refined, ornamental  
multicolored clouds, cloud pattern  
to sympathize, to pity, to feel compassion for  
elegant, (phonetic) fěi, phi (Greek letter φ)  
Surname: Liu  
(Family name) Min  
Wen River in northwest Sichuan  
multi-colored, brightly colored, gorgeous  

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