Radical 攴

Meaningrap, strike
Used in:
to do, to make, to compose  
to educate, teach, religion  
reason, cause, intentional, therefore, hence  
to count, to enumerate  
to release, to free, to let go, to let out  
to dare, daring, brave  
to change, to alter, to transform, to correct  
to receive, to accept, to collect  
be defeated, to defeat, loss  
to disperse, to scatter, to let out  
effect, efficacy, to imitate  
in good order, exactly, to repair, to punish  
tiny, miniature, profound, micro-  
to sound a bell, to strike, hit, knock, overcharge  
violent, to arouse, to excite, fierce  
to respect, to venerate, to salute, to offer  
to rescue, to save, to assist  
enemy, hostile, rival  
to send, to deliver, to cause, to convey  
in great numbers, miscellaneous, many  
quick, nimble, agile, clever, sensitive  
soft, tender, delicate, light (color)  
politics, government  
leisurely, unhurried, distant, take it easy, to swing  
to let go, to cast, discharge, scatter, sprinkle  
to hand over, transfer, to seize, capture  
to remove, to take away, to withdraw  
classifier for coins, rings, rockets, tree trunk  
to cover, to shield, to conceal, to screen  
to herd, to breed livestock  
harm, defeat, detriment, fraud  
to attack, to accuse, to study  
spacious, open to the view of all, to disclose  
to lay out, to apply (powder, ointment), to spread, enough  
track, rut, track, to remove  
clear (water), thorough  
to hold back, to restrain, to control (oneself)  
badge, emblem, insignia, logo  
to terminate, cut short, to squeeze, to reduce  
forgiveness, to pardon (a convict)  
hard-working, industrious  
Osmunda regalis, a species of fern  
the start, the origin, at first, devise, originate  
bandit, foe, enemy, to invade, to plunder  
shabby, poor, worn out, (humble) I, my  
distant, far, adverbial prefix  
imperial order  
mythological sea turtle  
block, gate pillar, pier, classifier for clusters of plants  
to ramble, to rove  
trembling, shake  

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