Radical 手

Used in:
I, me, my  
to watch, to guard, to look at, to consider  
hand, (formal) to hold  
to seize, to hold, to catch, to apprehend  
to pray, worship, to pay respect, salute  
palm of the hand, to be in charge of  
寿 long life, old age, birthday  
to bear, responsibility, to take charge  
fist, boxing  
to rub, massage, to try to figure out  
to support, prop up, maintain, to open/unfurl  
to climb (by pulling oneself up), implicate  
sincere, cordial  
to raise (hand)  
break or open sth with one's hands  
to imitate, to copy  
cover over, to envelope  
twisted, bent, crooked, cramped  
to pull, to draw, to pull back, to withdraw  

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