Radical 戈

Used in:
I, me, my  
to find/seek sb. for a job, to look for, to call on sb  
maybe, perhaps, possibly  
to achieve, succeed, to accomplish  
to climb over, to exceed, to surpass  
a play, drama, opera, trick  
to scratch a surface, to row/paddle, to plan  
to put on or wear (glasses, hat, gloves etc), to bear, support  
线 line, thread, string, wire  
relatives, grief, sorrow  
region, zone, area, field, domain (taxonomy)  
to cut out (as a dress), trim, reduce, decision, judgment  
to fight, war, battle  
to hide away, to conceal, to harbor, depository  
authority, power, prestige  
warning, guard against, to exhort, to admonish  
to convey, to load, written record, year  
shallow (water), light (color)  
to cut down, to fell, attack, boast  
to destroy, to ruin, cruel, incomplete, to remain  
thief, traitor, wily, deceitful, evil  
a section, to cut off (a length)  
confuse, to be puzzled  
luxuriant, luxuriant nature, voluptuous  
to plant, to grow, to insert  
machine, appliance, tool, gear, mechanical  
belittle, ignore, nothing  
woolen, velvet, silk  
commandment, to admonish, prohibit  
clique, faction, valve (loanword)  
halberd, spear combined with axe  
(exclamatory or interrogative particle)  
a small cup, classifier for lamps  
cackling sound, creak, crunch  
to jab, to poke, to stab, to blunt, to fuck (vulgar)  
military, army (matters)  
to kill  
inexpensive, low, lowly  
fifth of 10 heavenly stems, fifth in order, penta  
halberd, a lance with two points  
comment, letter, note, note-paper  
garrison, to protect  
raft (of logs)  
11th earthly branch, year of the Dog  

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