Radical 彳

Used in:
very (adverb of degree), quite, awfully  
to go away (in a direction), past, previous  
to obtain, to get, to gain, to catch (a disease), profit  
tiny, miniature, profound, micro-  
thorough, penetrating, to pervade  
that, the other, those, (one) another  
campaign, impose (taxes), expedition, evidence  
stay, to wait, delay, to treat, going to (do sth)  
virtue, goodness, ethics, character, Germany  
companion, disciple, prison sentence, to go on foot  
shoe, footwear, to tread on  
to punish, to reprimand, to warn  
footpath, track, directly, diameter  
to govern, to manage, imperial, defend, resist  
to hesitate, irresolute, to dither  
to hesitate, irresolute, to dither  
forced labor, corvée, obligatory task, military service  
to follow, to adhere to, to abide by  
change one's residence  
slowly, gently  
badge, emblem, insignia, logo  
Osmunda regalis, a species of fern  
irresolute, seemingly  

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