Radical 彡

Meaninghair or bristle
Used in:
shadow, reflection, movie, photograph  
beard, mustache, feeler (of insect), to have to  
attend, participate, join, irregular  
shirt, gown, robe, jacket with open slits in place of sleeves  
colorful, colored, tint  
to remodel, repair, study, decorate, cultivate  
appearance, shape, form  
swollen, to swell, inflated, expand  
to seep, infiltrate, permeate, to horrify  
manifest, conspicuous  
fir, pine, cedar  
ornamental, refined  
(tiger)-stripes, a tiger-cat, streaks, veins  
elegant, intelligent, accomplished  
sound of waves, splatter  
solemn, reverent, calm  
surname Peng  

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