Radical 弓

Used in:
prefix for making an order/ranking (first, second, etc)  
younger brother, I (modest word in letter)  
stretch, expand, classifier for flat objects(=sheets)  
to pull, to draw (e.g. a bow), to stretch sth  
bullet, shot, pluck (a string instrument), pellet, elastic  
Buddha, Buddhism  
bend, to stoop, crooked  
to rise (prices, rivers), to swell, distend  
weak, feeble, young, inferior  
strong, stubborn, vigorous  
to fill, overflowing, brimming, completely  
border, boundary  
bay, gulf, to cast anchor  
chord, string (of bow / musical instrument), hypotenuse  
oneself, personally, to bow  
congee, gruel, porridge  
a bow (weapon)  
not, negation, denial  
to drown, to indulge, addicted to, to spoil (a child)  
loosen, unstring a bow, slacken, relax  
domed roof, dome, vaulted  
enrich, enlarge, liberal, great  
barbarians, non-Han people, to wipe out  

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