Radical 廾

two hands

Used in:
to open, to start, to turn on  

to calculate, to compute, regard as, to figure  

to juggle, play with, lane, alley, to fool with  

warning, guard against, to exhort, to admonish  

to spout, to spray, to spurt, to puff  

ascend, to raise, metric liter  

to hurry, rush, to run quickly, elope, towards  

carriage, sedan chair, public/world  

harm, defeat, detriment, fraud  

different, other, unusual, separate  

machine, appliance, tool, gear, mechanical  

anger, furious, resentment, indignant  

commandment, to admonish, prohibit  

paralysis, numbness  

to reject, to disregard  

plants, grass   3

govern, normal nature of man, laws and rules  

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