Radical 巾

Meaningcloth, turban
Used in:
master, teacher, expert  
usually, frequently, often, common, general  
rare, infrequent, hope/expect  
to help, to assist, to support, side (of boat etc)  
belt, to raise  
market, city  
hat, cap  
brush, to paint, to brush  
handsome, graceful, commander in chief  
towel, general purpose cloth  
money, currency, coins  
banquet, woven mat, seat (in an assembly, theater)  
curtain, screen, canopy, tent  
system, to control, to manufacture, to regulat  
width, roll, banner, extent, range  
admire, to respect, to wear (belt etc)  
decoration, ornament, adorn, conceal  
cloth, to declare, to announce  
curtain, flag used as a shop sig  
terror, terrified, afraid, frightened  
to hang up, hang a person, suspend (agreement)  
account book, covering veil, canopy, tent  
inhibit, block, sluggish  
to smash, crush, to fail, to get it wrong  
sail, canvas  
banner, classifier for buildings  
flag, banner, ensign  
fitting snugly, appropriate, to obey, invitation (message)  
sieve, filter, to sift, screening (medicine)  
to rinse, hold briefly into boiling water  
handkerchief, to wrap, headscarf  
a legendary beauty who flew to the moon, the lady in the moon  
advertising sign, pretense, facade, pretext  
curtain, screen  
frame, counter for pictures, one of a pair (scrolls)  

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