Radical 己

Used in:
to get up, to rise, to start, to launch, to initiate (action)  
already, to stop, then, afterwards  
to record, report, to remember, mark, sign  
self, oneself, sixth in order  
package, to cover, to wrap  
leadership, to guide, transmit, conduct, to direct  
to change, to alter, to transform, to correct  
record, era, period, order, discipline  
to join, fit, mate, mix, complete  
to hope, long for, wish, to cling to, sth that sticks  
to be jealous of, fear, dread, to avoid  
harbor, port  
different, other, unusual, separate  
lane, alley  
how? (emphatic question)  
prosperous, splendid  
to sacrifice, to offer libation to  
triumphant, victorious, chi (Greek letter Χχ)  
to compose, to compile, write  
imperial concubine  
year of the Snake, 6th earthly branch: 9-11 a.m.  
boxthorn (Lycium chinense), willow  

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