Radical 山

Used in:
to come out, to go beyond, to occur, to rise  
years of life, classifier for years (of age)  
mountain, hill  
dense, thick, intimate, close, secret  
tiny, miniature, profound, micro-  
secluded, hidden away, remote, to imprison  
shore, beach, coast, haughty  
to urge, to press, to prompt, to rush sb  
coal, wood charcoal, carbon  
mainland, continent, shore, land  
屿 islet  
immortal, god, supernatural entity  
guard/post, position, job, mound  
cancer, carcinoma  
high mountain, highest mountain peak, wife's parents  
summit or peak (of mountain), highest level  
sublime, lofty, high, to esteem, to worship  
end, extremity, item, port, margin  
to destroy, break, devastate, repress  
to collapse, to fall into ruins, death of emperor, demise  
precipice, cliff  
(of mountains) high, harsh or severe  
glorious, bright, brilliant, lustrous, resplendent  
to smash, crush, destroy, attack, stir  
carbon (chem. element C)  
to inlay, to embed, nesting, tesselation  
to jump, to bounce, to hop  
how? (emphatic question)  
gorge, ravine  
high and steep, precipitous, severe or stern  
precipitous peak, brand new  
fork in road, diverge, to change the subject  
rock, cliff  
mist, name of a mountain  
mountain range, mountain ridge  
badge, emblem, insignia, logo  
peak, to stand erect, to pile up, to store, to stand up  
lofty, towering, majestic  
towering as a peak  
dirt, filth  
high mountain, precipitous  
Osmunda regalis, a species of fern  
lofty, towering  
laugh at, jeer, scoff at, sneer at  
high, lofty, Mt Song in Henan  
a small hill  
embarrassed, to mock, to ridicule, to slander  
child, young animal  
mountain range  
(name of a mountain in Sichuan)  
high and steep, to tower  
reuse (trap for fish)  
divergent, side road, steep  

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