Radical 刂

Used in:
front, ahead, before, first, former  
master, teacher, expert  
to arrive, to (a place), until (a time), up to  
to separate, to distinguish, to leave, to classify, do to not  
squad, team, class, work shift, group  
to carve, quarter (hour), to cut  
hard, firm, enduring, just, barely  
brush, to paint, to brush  
to blow (of the wind), to scrape, to shave  
row, to arrange, to line up, series  
favorable, profit, interest, to benefit, sharp (knife)  
to scratch a surface, to row/paddle, to plan  
drama, play, show, severe  
rule, standard, norm, principle  
to fall, to collapse, to go bankrupt  
to remain, to be left, to have as remainder  
handsome, graceful, commander in chief  
to judge, to sentence, to discriminate, to discern, decide  
strong, solid, firm, unyielding, resolute  
to punish, to penalize  
system, to control, to manufacture, to regulat  
to go back, to return, to resign, conclude  
a wound, injury, trauma, to inaugurate  
thorn, sting, to pierce, to stab  
to delete, abridge, simplify, cancel  
clear, deep (of water), swift, to skim over / to browse  
just before doing sth., to face sth, approach  
double-edged sword  
to peel, scrape, reduce, shave, to cut (down)  
to differentiate, distinguish, recognize  
to peel, to skin, to shell, to shuck, to flay  
deputy, assistant, secondary, auxiliary, vice-  
dose, medical substance  
punishment, penalty, sentence  
Buddhist monastery 剎多羅, to brake, stop  
to cut open, to analyze  
to cut, to cut apart, harvest  
sound of wind, trompet, horn  
to print, to publish, publication  
pick (at teeth), to scrape (meat from bone)  
sieve, filter, to sift, screening (medicine)  
to rinse, hold briefly into boiling water  
to shave (beard), to weed  
encourage, endeavor, to cut, to strive  
Surname: Liu  
unreasonable, perverse, absurd  
to extirpate, to plagiarize, to destroy  
to level, to make smooth, eliminate, to question  
to cut off, to amputate, slaughter  

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