Radical 贝

Meaningshell, money
Used in:
member, person, employee  
precious, expensive, noble, your (name)  
competition, match, to surpass, to excel sb.  
accustomed to, used to, indulge, to spoil (a child)  
expenses, costs, spendings, fee  
goods, commodity, products  
be defeated, to defeat, loss  
responsibility, duty, to reproach, to blame  
rule, standard, norm, principle  
to purchase, to buy  
character, nature, pawn, pledge  
to congratulate  
to bear, load, to carry (on one's back), negative (math. etc)  
to win, gain, to beat, to profit  
to make a profit, to earn  
capital, resources, to provide, money  
to praise, endorse, support, patronize  
to bestow (a reward), to give (to an inferior), to hand down  
to stick, to paste, sticker  
to offer tribute, contribute, gifts  
to lock up, to lock  
to borrow, loan, credit, to make excuses  
to spout, to spray, to spurt, to puff  
to suffer a financial loss, indemnify  
bill, account, debt  
trade, commerce  
cowrie, shellfish, shell money  
wealth, money, riches, property, valuables  
greedy, avaricious, corrupt, have desire for  
to pierce through, to pass through  
worthy or virtuous person, honorific  
thief, traitor, wily, deceitful, evil  
to gamble, to bet  
infant, baby  
to give as a present, to repel, to bestow (title)  
poor, inadequate, deficient, garrulous  
to depend on, to trust, to renege, to blame  
the side, lateral, inclined  
to retail, to buy and sell, to trade in, to peddle  
anger, furious, resentment, indignant  
to diminish, reduce, devaluate, depreciate, censure  
贿 bribe, bribery  
dike, dam, embankment  
greasy, unctuous, intimate, tired of  
splash, spatter, spill  
wretched, in a difficult situation, distressed  
to rent, to lease, to hire  
bribery, bribe  
taxation, bestow on, endow with, poetic essay  
to bring together, collect, hoard, accumulate, save  
faithful, loyal, dependable, chaste  
merchant, to buy  
to store, to save, stockpile  
trifling, fragmentary  
redeem, to ransom  
to confer, to bestow, to grant  
stolen goods, booty, spoils, loot  
abbr. for Jiangxi 江西 province  
inexpensive, low, lowly  
to hand down, to bequeath  
superfluous, redundant, cumbersome  
persist, continue (as a song)  
barium (chemistry)  
two (banker's anti-fraud numeral), to betray  
to support, provide for  
particle indicating necessity or obviousness  

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