Radical 宀

Used in:
household, family, businesses, specialist  
courtyard, institution  
character, letter, symbol, word  
guest, customer, visitor  
it, (used for lifeless things)  
room, apartment  
complete, to finish, whole, entire  
appropriate, proper, suitable  
visitor, guest, object (in grammar)  
to damage, to cause trouble to, calamity  
real, fact, true, honest  
peaceful, calm, content, safety  
appearance, look, to hold, to contain  
competition, match, to surpass, to excel sb.  
to set, to fix, to determine, to order, surely  
bowl, cup  
to examine, inspect, to look into  
dense, thick, intimate, close, secret  
cold, poor, to tremble  
to depend, to live (in a house), to lodge  
tube, pipe, conduit, control, to care about  
rubbing, to wipe, to clean, to polish  
to perform, to play, to act, to evolve  
wealthy, rich, abundant  
shrink, to withdraw, pull back, abbreviation  
official, government, organ of body  
disaster, calamity  
to announce, to declare (publicly), proclaim  
snake, serpent  
lonely, solitary, silent  
peaceful, rather, better, tranquil  
宿 dormitory, hostel, to lodge, stay at, old, former  
to guard, defend, protect, to observe (rules)  
(of a woman) to marry, to shift (blame etc)  
a treasure, jewel or gem, precious  
banquet, feast, repose  
to reside, to imply, to contain  
to love, to pamper, to spoil, to favor  
lonely, lonesome  
wide, broad, spaciousm, lenient  
forehead, share, portion, amount  
magnificent, great, imposing, macro-  
Religion, school of a teaching, ancestor  
universe, cosmos, space  
statute, constitution  
hole, cave, cavity, acupuncture point  
to block, to stuff, to squeeze in, cork, stopper, Serbian  
to investigate, to examine, carefully, to try (in court)  
to manage, govern, rule, to slaughter livestock  
to melt, to dissolve, soluble  
obscure, mysterious, Austria 奥地利  
palace, castle, temple  
cage, corral, prison, firm, sturdy  
to be surprised, to be astonished  
sow grain  
sleep, dormitory, to lie down  
sediment, deposits, precipitate  
universe, cosmos  
pleasant, genius and warm  
to store, to save, stockpile  
sound of coughing or vomiting  
wife of father's younger brother  
court eunuch, imperial official  
few, widowed  
to smelt, to fuse  
just like, as if, winding  
empty, lonesome, very few  
to burst open, rend, open seam  
the Song dynasty (960-1279)  
to hunt, to go hunting  
abbr. for Anhui 安徽 province  
bandit, foe, enemy, to invade, to plunder  
stronghold, stockade, camp, village  
year of the tiger, 3-5 a.m.  
sound of breaking or snapping  
to sleep, be asleep  
large domain, extensive region  

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