Radical 子


Used in:
child, son, small thing, seed, egg  

learn, study, science  

good, well, proper  

character, letter, symbol, word  

to educate, teach, religion  



season, period, the last month of a season  

grandson, descendant  

exist, deposit, store, keep, survive  

thick, deep or profound, kind, generous  

small thing, child, chick (young animal), attentive  

to enjoy, to benefit, have pleasure  

pregnancy, pregnant  

filial piety or obedience, mourning apparel  

neck, collar  

to recommend, grass, straw mat  

to float, unstable, superficial, excessive  

ferocious, violent, suddenly, fierce, abrupt  

hole, dwellings, Confucius  

flourishing, vigorous, prosperous, suddenly  

lone, lonely, orphan  

roar or howl of an animal, bellow of rage  

to abdicate, modest, unpretentious, inferior to  

crime, sin, disaster, evil  

to go against, to be contrary to, perverse, rebellious  

hard-working, industrious  

breeding, to incubate, to hatch  

to trust, to believe in  

to palpitate, fearful, afraid, perturbed  


eldest amongst brothers, first month of a season  

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