Radical 大

Meaningbig, huge
Used in:
big, huge, large, oldest  
sky, heaven  
extreme, highest, greatest, too (much)  
husband, man, manual worker  
reason, cause, because  
strange, odd, weird  
leader, chief, boss, the top, head  
to ride (an animal or bike), to sit astride  
attend, participate, join, irregular  
reward, prize, award, encouragement  
strive, exert oneself, arouse  
America, USA, beautiful  
to depend, to live (in a house), to lodge  
celebrate, congratulate, festival  
to weigh, weight, measure  
to attain, to reach, to amount to, eminent  
what, how can one help  
category, type, kind, class, similar  
to boast, to exaggerate, to praise  
cover, sheath, to encase, a case  
to hurry, rush, to run quickly, elope, towards  
center, middle, mit beg  
to conceal, cover up, surprise  
negative, nobody, do not, there is none who  
pointed (needle), sharp, shrewd  
to seize, to take away forcibly, strive for  
rivulet =small river, creek  
obscure, mysterious, Austria 奥地利  
bright, clear, fresh, cool, frank  
to pull (an animal on a tether), to hold hands  
to settle, to lay foundation, to fix, pay respect  
extravagant, luxurious, wasteful  
to engrave, carve, to chisel away at  
deep bay, cove, harbor, Australia 澳大利亚  
abundant, graceful  
to die prematurely, tender, gentle  
what?, where?, why?  
to carry on one's back  
to carve, carved words, a contract, agreement  
crotch, stride  
suddenly, abruptly, hastily, to cover  
barbarians, non-Han people, to wipe out  
clatter (of horses' hoofs)  
(downwards-right concave character stroke), press down firmly  

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