Radical 共

Meaningtogether; common
Used in:
together, common, general  
competition, match, to surpass, to excel sb.  
to disperse, to scatter, to let out  
exhibition, to spread out, open up, prolong  
sacrificial offering, to provide, to supply  
to put on or wear (glasses, hat, gloves etc), to bear, support  
respectful, polite, congratulations  
to let go, to cast, discharge, scatter, sprinkle  
wing, flank, to assist  
殿 palace hall  
horizontal, across, rude, unreasonable, perverse  
violence, sudden, cruel, to show or expose, to injure  
flood, big, great  
harbor, port  
former times, the past  
lane, alley  
roar of laughter, to deceive, to coax, disturbance  
to explode or burst, to quick fry or boil  
waterfall, shower (rain)  
to warm or heat by fire, to bake  
to air, to sun, (to expose to air or sun)  
excrement, manure, dung  
to hope, wish, (abbr. for Hebei 河北)  
(surname) Gōng  
to compose, to compile, write  
butt, buttocks  
to cup one's hands in salute, to surround to arch  
roll over on side (in bed), roller  
millstone, stone roller, to grind, crush, husk  
thoroughbred horse, refined and virtuous  

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