Radical 辶

Used in:
this, these, present, now  
to move, transport, use, luck, fate  
close to, near, approximately  
far, distant, remote  
to pass through, to go across, (experienced action marker)  
to deliver, send, carry, give (as a present)  
way, road, principle, truth, Daoism  
still in progress, even more, also  
side, edge, margin, border, simultaneously  
to advance, to enter, to come (or go) into  
to meet, to encounter, opportunity, chance  
to greet, welcome, to meet, to face  
leg, lower extremities  
late, delayed, slow  
to choose, to pick, to select, to elect  
to follow, to comply with, to allow  
everywhere, all over, classifier for actions: one time  
to link, join, connect, continuously, including  
bewilder, crazy about, enthusiast, confused  
fast, rapid, quick, velocity  
suitable, to fit proper, comfortable  
to invite, to request, to intercept, to solicit or seek  
to connect, to go through, communicate, to clear, open  
to stroll, to roam, to visit  
to disobey, to violate, to separate, to go against  
to lose, to leave behind, to omit, to bequeath  
退 to retreat, to decline, to move back, to withdraw  
to return (to)  
to attain, to reach, to amount to, eminent  
to chase, to pursue, gradually, one by one  
to hand over, transmit, deliver, progressively  
patrol, logic  
to obey, comply with, to observe, to follow  
to avoid, to shun, to flee, to escape  
to chase after, pursue, to seek, to recall  
to escape, to run away, to flee  
to force, pressing, to compel, urgent  
to manufacture, to build, to invent  
to penetrate, to pass through, soak, thoroughly  
road, way, route  
rapid, speedy, fast  
trace, sign, mark, footprint, vestige, indication  
to narrate, to state, to tell, formulate  
to tease (play with), to stay, to pause  
coarse (in texture), rough  
to dispatch, send  
contrary, opposite, to go against, rebel  
to patrol, to make one's rounds  
distantly apart, far away  
(of time) to pass, to die  
to force (sb to do sth), press for, compel, extort  
to conceal, to cover up (a shortcoming), to screen off  
encounter, to meet by chance, to come across  
arrest, catch, seize, until  
to change (a location), move, promote  
riddle, enigma, puzzle  
to suffer, to sustain (misfortune, loss), incident  
scold, punishment, reprimand  
as yet, until now, to date  
to abdicate, modest, unpretentious, inferior to  
take a step  
to suppress, to stop, check  
distant, remote, far, far away  
to burst forth, to spurt, to crack, split  
tunnel, underground passage  
marrow (spinal or plant's stem), essence, pith  
pedantic, inflexible, doctrinaire, longwinded  
alternately, repeatedly, iteration  
to inspire, give guidance, enlighten, instruct  
(phonetic sound for Buddhist transliteration)  
to show off, to flaunt, to boast  
to evade, to flee, hide, to conceal oneself  
to take off (clothes), to fade  
to exceed, to go beyond, to transcend, to cross  
easy-going, to loiter, leisurely, to stroll, ramble  
to satisfy, to succeed, finally, to proceed  
to escape, leisurely, outstanding  
beat, to strike  
clatter (of horses' hoofs)  
crossroads, thoroughfare  
distant, long-lasting, to abandon  
fast, hurry, suddenly  
profound, mysterious, deep, detailed, distant  

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