Radical 氵

Used in:
to submerge, die, not, have not, to end  
water, liquid  
man, Han ethnic group, Chinese (language)  
to float, to drift, to bleach, elegant  
to travel, to swim, to tour, to roam, to walk  
steam, vapor  
to wash, to bathe, laundry  
swimming, to swim  
law, method, way, Buddhist teaching  
clear, pure, to clean up, purge  
alcohol, wine, liquor  
full, filled, packed, completely  
to pour into, to register, note, comment, to inject  
ocean, foreign, vast  
to fall, to drop (behind), decline  
granule, sand, powder, hoarse, raspy  
warm, temperature  
to cross a river, to aid or relieve, to be of help  
oil, fat, grease  
big river, stream  
to flow, to drift, to disseminate, to circulate  
to dye, catch (a disease), contaminate  
deep, profound, dark (of color)  
(sea) wave, tides, unrestrained, dissipated  
dirty, filthy, foul, corrupt, to defile  
free, unrestrained, inundate, overflow by water  
sweat, perspiration  
soup, hot or boiling water  
to disappear, to vanish, to eliminate  
island, continent  
ocean, sea  
violent, to arouse, to excite, fierce  
to perform, to play, to act, to evolve  
to live, alive, workmanship  
to splash, to spill, rough and coarse, brutish  
juice, gravy, sauce  
to converge (of rivers), collection, remit  
to measure, to survey, observe, probe, conjecture, to monitor  
gradually, imbue  
casting mold, pattern, model, example  
weak, mild, tasteless, diluted, nitrogen  
tide, current, damp, moist  
school of thought, fraction, sect, pi=π=3.14  
to float, non-specific, general, extensive, inundate  
smooth, lubricate, moist  
to heal/cure, to rule, to control, government  
slippery, smooth, comical, cunning  
to sink, to submerge, to immerse, to keep down  
to boil (liquid), to roll, tumble  
concentrated, dense  
ditch, gutter, groove, gully, ravine  
cave, hole, cavity, cavern, empty  
lake, pond, reservoir, moat  
shallow (water), light (color)  
to apply (salve, paint), to smear, to daub, scribble  
湿 moist, wet  
desert, unconcerned, indifferent, apathetic  
to rise (prices, rivers), to swell, distend  
a drop, to drip  
to leak, to divulge, to leave out by mistake, funnel  
coast, beach, shoal  
to sprinkle, to spray, to spill, to shed  
source, origin (of a river), reason  
to wash, clean out, cleanse, eliminate, dredge  
clear, deep (of water), swift, to skim over / to browse  
to pour liquid, to irrigate/water, to cast (metal)  
hot, to burn, to scald, to iron  
wave, ripple, storm, surge  
mingle, to mix, confused, reckless, muddy  
fishing, to fish, fisherman  
fertile, to irrigate, rich  
liquid, fluid  
to add, to increase, to replenish  
to float, unstable, superficial, excessive  
be dispersed, break down, to fester/ulcerate  
to slip away, slide, to skate  
to nourish, grow, increase, to suscite, taste  
uncertain, vast, without clear boundary, hazy  
mud, clay, paste, pulp  
moist, wet, lustre (of metals etc), pond, favor  
muddy, unclear, stupid  
foam, blister, swollen, spongy  
to leak (water, gas, secrets), to drip, drain, disperse  
clean, to purify  
to anchor, touch at, to moor  
沿 along, following (a line)  
big wave, breaker (wave)  
to irrigate, to pour  
bay, gulf, to cast anchor  
to water sth., to sprinkle, drench, to drip  
rivulet =small river, creek  
flood, big, great  
a ferry crossing, port, saliva  
to melt, to dissolve, soluble  
overflowing, excessive, indiscriminate  
bath, to bathe  
lacquer, paint, varnish  
inhibit, block, sluggish  
ditch, drain, stream or canal  
to contain, to include, culvert  
to immerse, to soak, to steep, gradually  
to submerge, to dive, hidden, secret, to conceal  
harbor, port  
surge up, to bubble up, to rush forth, spill  
to moisten, to be infected by, to receive favors  
to overflow, to amplify, to spread out, to develop  
to cry, to weep, to sob  
coast, beach, shore, bank, to border on  
pond, pool  
foam, suds  
to seep, infiltrate, permeate, to horrify  
rich, wide, vast, broad, expansive  
to flood, to submerge, to drown, delay  
seep out, pour off, secrete  
to boil, bubbling up  
to wade (trough a river), to be involved, experience  
diarrhea, to flow out swiftly, a torrent  
to surge up violently, tumultuous, turbulent  
clear, limpid, to purify, settle (liquid)  
overflow, inundate, torrent-dash  
to cross, to pass through, to ferry  
tart, acerbity, unsmooth, rough(surface), obscure  
destroy, dispirited, to stop  
splash, spatter, spill  
distant and indistinct, vast, tiny (due to distance)  
to wash out, discard, to eliminate  
impure, turbid, muddy  
snivel, nasal mucus, tears  
blue-green or azure (water), vast (ocean)  
abundant, copious  
accord, to agree, to make contact, in harmony  
to be close to, near, to approach  
sediment, deposits, precipitate  
waterfall, shower (rain)  
slag (smelting), remainder, dregs  
deep & clear water, confident and at ease  
to filter, to strain, filtrate  
mess, confused and disorderly, mixed  
Hey! (loanword), Hi!  
clear (water), thorough  
to bathe, to cleanse, to receive  
to rinse, hold briefly into boiling water  
鸿 eastern bean goose, great, letter/mail  
to sink (into ruin, oblivion), to be lost, submerged, perish  
short name for Shanghai 上海  
abyss, deep, profound, to surge up  
pond, pool, pit, profound, depression  
eddy, whirlpool  
to go upstream, to trace the source  
swelling water, overflowing  
deep bay, cove, harbor, Australia 澳大利亚  
several rivers 'Luò'  
water for rinsing rice  
to overflow, to spill over  
Xiangjiang-river (in Hunan 湖南)  
grand, vast (water)  
ooze, expanse of water  
to drip, to trickle, to shed (tears)  
to seep, to percolate  
abbr. for Zhejiang 浙江 province in east China  
name of a river, that flows into lake Hongze  
you, thou  
genuine, pure, honest  
sandbar, sandbank, shoal  
lewdness, wanton, lascivious, obscene, depraved  
deep, clear (water)  
kind of sedge grass, katydid (family Tettigoniidae)  
wash, cleanse  
depression, sunken, swamp, hollow  
to drown, to indulge, addicted to, to spoil (a child)  
confused, turbid  
ditch, to drain, gutter, trouble (some one to do)  
draw water from well  
border, horizon, shore  
to gargle, to rinse one's mouth with water  
seep through, dripping wet, dripping of sweat  
sound of waves, splatter  
to buy, to sell, abbr. for Tianjin 天津 (also 津沽)  
Yunnan province 云南 in southwest China  
a fence (for defense), a pale, border, vassal state  
river sludge, to silt up  
to drip, to strain or filter, a trickle  
wash (color)  
the Wei river in Shaanxi through the Guanzhong 关中 plain  
edge, brink, hem  
to change, abbr. for Chongqing 重庆  
(name of a river)  
wet, dripping, filter, strain liquids  
ocean, vastness  
ripples on water, swirling, small wave  
to ripple (water), to overflow  
Wen River in northwest Sichuan  
to blacken, black mud  
bullrush, divers reed grasses  
to submerge, to sink, immerse, to lower, drop, variant of 沉  
flooded, heavy rain, careless, puddle  
gentle and virtuous, wise  
to deepen (e.g. a ditch), excavate, extract  
high water, flood, to sprinkle water  
Bohai Sea 渤海 (coast close to Beijing)  
name of a river  
saliva, shamelessly  
mercury (chemistry)  
to soak, penetrate, to be stained, floodwater  
Yi River, Shandong  
shore, bank of a river  
Zhang river in Fujian  
sound of waves, surge, overwhelming, stormily  
mountain stream  
disperse expansive (of river), spread  
to rush (of water), rapid  
to dry, to dry up  
reuse (trap for fish)  
extensive, widespread, pervading, vast  
seaweed, aquatic grasses, elegant  
ripple, tearful, flowing water, weeping  
Teng county in Shandong  
muddy, miry, stagnant  
slush, mud  
river bank, shore  

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