Radical 车

Used in:
car, vehicle, carriage  
easy, light, gentle  
classifier for vehicles  
to compare, comparatively, to contrast, rather  
pants, trousers, drawers  
to transport, to donate, to lose, to enter (a password)  
to turn, revolve, convey, transfer  
to link, join, connect, continuously, including  
gather up, collect, edit, compile  
contemporaries, generation, lifetime  
to convey, to load, written record, year  
disposition of troops, front, classifier for short durations  
flexible (not hard), soft, weak  
to assist, to complement, auxiliary  
army, military, arms  
to rotate, wheel, disk, ring, steamship  
warehouse, storehouse, reservoir, arsenal  
clash, bang, rumble, to shoo away, to expel, explosion  
rail, track, course, path  
glorious, splendid, to shine upon  
carriage, sedan chair, public/world  
linchpin of a wheel, to govern, control, administrative  
spoke of a wheel  
to chop, cut, sever, behead  
track, rut, track, to remove  
shafts of cart, yamen  
pavilion with a view, high, tall, curtained carriage (old)  
axis, axle, pivot, rotational bearing  
轿 a sedan chair, a palanquin  
crossbar in carriage front  
to crush (by weight), to roll (steel)  
roll over on side (in bed), roller  
always, then, at once  
to expel, to oust  
vessel used to hold grain offerings  
pulley, capstan, windlass  
given name of Mencius/Mengzi (follower of Confucius)  
ripple, tearful, flowing water, weeping  

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