Radical 见

Meaningto see
Used in:
present, now, existing, current, appear  
to see, to meet, to appear, to interview  
a sleep, a nap, feel, find that, awake, aware  
to look at, to regard, to inspect  
mirror, lens  
regulation, a rule, to admonish, to scheme  
to look at, watch, observe, Taoist monastery  
to look at, to view, to read  
wide, broad, spaciousm, lenient  
to disturb, to annoy, to mix, to stir  
seek, to look for, search  
to watch, to spy on, to peep, to pry into  
to seize, to grasp, to take hold of, monopolize  
heavy duty rope, cable, hawser, to moor  
to spy, watch for  

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