Radical 亻

Used in:
another, he or him  
many, plural marker for persons  
you (informal, as opposed to courteous 您)  
to make something, to write or compose, to pretend, to feel  
miscellaneous, what, ten in calculations, assorted  
to do, to make, to compose  
to live, to dwell, to stay, to reside, to stop  
wait, later, season, expect, visit, weather  
body, form, style, system  
but, yet, however, merely, still  
you (courteous), as opposed to informal  
affair, item, components, clothes, events  
便 convenient, ordinary, plain, to defecate  
fake, false, to borrow, artificial  
to trust, to believe, letter, mail  
change, transform, to make into  
position, location, place, seat  
to resemble, to appear, to seem, image, portrait  
excellent, superior  
to protect, to defend, to maintain, Bulgaria  
merely, barely, only  
使 to cause, to instruct sb, to enable, to employ, to send  
what, how, why, which  
example, precedent, rule, instance  
sacrificial offering, to provide, to supply  
community, companion, partner, group, meals  
value, price, to be worth, to happen  
still, yet, to remain  
price, value  
estimate, reckon, assessment, second-hand (clothes)  
to assign, to appoint, office, responsibility  
to injure, injury, wound  
small thing, child, chick (young animal), attentive  
both, two, craft, cunning  
to stop, to halt, to park (a car)  
master, tutor, qualified worker  
to remodel, repair, study, decorate, cultivate  
仿 to imitate, to copy, mimic, seemingly  
to steal, to pilfer, to snatch, stealthily  
generation, to substitute, dynasty  
to compensate for, repay, reimburse, fulfill (hopes etc)  
similar, to resemble, -like, to seem  
admire, to respect, to wear (belt etc)  
Buddha, Buddhism  
entirely, plenty of choice, without exception  
亿 100 million (=10^8)  
stupid, foolish, idiot  
to propose, instigate, initiate, promote, introduce  
imposing, great, mighty, magnificent  
incline, to collapse, to overturn, to tend  
to cut down, to fell, attack, boast  
father's elder brother, senior  
apparatus, ceremony, rites, appearance, present  
squad of five soldiers, associated  
to scout, to spy, to detect  
to save, store, have in reserve  
enemy, hatred, animosity, a rival, feud  
to take prisoner, prisoner of war  
false, fake, forged, bogus  
beautiful, fine, good  
look down, stoop  
coherence, human relationship, order  
benevolent, humane, kernel  
stiff (corpse), deadlock, become rigid  
emigrant, reside abroad  
brave and chivalrous, hero, heroic  
the side, lateral, inclined  
debt, liability, obligation  
to employ, to hire, servant  
companion, mate, partner  
nephew by the male line, nephew  
battle, weaponry, to wield, to rely on  
to wait and watch, to examine, to spy  
remote (location), pecular, secluded, desolate, eccentric, biased  
frugal, thrifty, needless, unadorned  
exaggerating, extravagant, wasteful  
upright and honest, cheerful, to talk smoothly  
bundle wrapped in cloth  
by mere luck  
crabby, stubborn, obstinate, tough  
clique, faction, valve (loanword)  
suddenly, very soon, Russian  
to help, protect, bless, assist  
to carry on shoulder or back, burden, lotus  
smart, good-looking  
to assist, assistant, aide, to accompany  
to serve, to attend upon  
(phonetic for:) ga or gā  
wild goose  
you (Wu dialect), I, me (classical)  
tenant farmer  
servant, to fall prostrate  
feeble, tiny, young and weak  
beautiful, lovely, pretty, winsome  
male, man, person  
child (coll.), kid  
Japanese (old derogatory term), dwarf  
pretend, feign, false, deceitful  
he, she, abbr. for Iraq or Iran  
to cause, to enable, phonetic bi  
to lean on, rely upon  
majestic, dignified  
until, wait for  
to cuddle, embrace, fondle  
together, in company with  
to exorcise demons  
raft (of logs)  
lazy, idle  
Dai (ethnic group)  
puppet, strange, exotic  
so, such, to such a degree  
puppet, dummy, marionette  
handsome, beautiful, good-looking  

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