Radical 门

Used in:
many, plural marker for persons  
gate, door  
between, among, to separate  
to ask, to inquire after  
simple, uncomplicated, letter (=formerly bamboo strips)  
to hear, well-known, famous, to smell or sniff  
noisy, cacophonous, to make noise, to fall ill  
to inspect/review (troops), to peruse, to read  
to close, stop up, shut, obstruct  
smooth, lubricate, moist  
leisure, free time, unoccupied, not busy  
to dash, to rush, charge, to break through  
spark, flickering, flash, lightning, to sprain  
stuffy, depressed, melancholy, bored  
to disclose, express, to enlighten, clarify  
to place, to put aside, to shelve  
rich, wide, vast, broad, expansive  
to obstruct, be blocked  
clique, faction, valve (loanword)  
swelling water, overflowing  
gate to a lane / community  
to sympathize, to pity, to feel compassion for  
to be skilled at, refined, elegant  
gear, brake, sluice, electric switch  
abbr. for Fujian 福建 province in the Min dynasty  
lady's chamber, boudoir, small arched door  
fault, deficiency, mistake  
(Family name) Min  
railing, balustrade, door-screen, exhausted, late  
to castrate, a castrate, neuter  
pavilion (usu. two-storied), cabinet (politics), rack, shelf  
palm tree  
multi-colored, brightly colored, gorgeous  

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