Radical 口

Meaningmouth, opening
Used in:
middle, center, among, China  
harmony, peace, together with, Japan  
empress, queen, behind, rear, afterwards  
same, like, similar, alike, together with  
reputation, (good) name, famous  
to obey, to listen, to hear  
End-particle: "What about...?", "And...?", "okay?"  
to shout, to call  
question particle, morphine  
to eat, to have a meal, to absorb  
number (of people), mark, day of a month  
how, which  
to drink, to shout loudly, My goodness!  
hello (on telephone), to feed (i.e. animal)  
affair, matter, thing, item, work  
be possible, can, to approve, to permit  
modal particle for polite suggestion ...right?, ...OK?  
although, even though  
member, person, employee  
to separate, to distinguish, to leave, to classify, do to not  
to know, to be aware  
right side, on the right  
elder brother  
adminstration, to take charge of, to manage  
sing, to call loudly, to chant  
announce, to tell, to inform, to say  
to ask, to inquire after  
coffee, class, grade  
as, as if, such as  
in a direction, towards  
mouth, opening, entrance  
sentence, clause, phrase  
interjection of surprise: Ah!, Oh!  
in every case, always, gather, overall, chief  
to add, plus, Canada 加拿大  
nozzle, mouth, beak, spout (of teapot etc)  
history, annals  
to cry, to weep  
sound, noise, echo  
just one of a several, unique, merely, only  
other, another, separate, separately  
to fit, to join, to close, to be equal to, 100 ml  
to breath out, to exhale, to shout, to cry  
taste, smell  
leaf (of a plant), page  
to inhale, to breathe, to suck in, to absorb  
(sound of surprise) ah!, oh!  
platform, stage, terrace, stand, support  
to sell, to make or carry out (a plan or intrigue etc)  
each, every, various  
I or me, we (including the person spoken to)  
to negate, to deny, not, evil  
regulation, rule, order, procedure  
life, fate, order or command  
salted, salty  
to yell, to shout, to call out for (a person)  
to call together, to summon, to convene  
laughter, yawn  
to open, to start, to initiate, to awaken  
foolish, stupid, expressionless  
gather up, collect, edit, compile  
to blow, puff, boast, brag  
to contain (in the mouth), to suck  
to frighten, to scare, terrify  
product, goods, kind  
goodness, benevolent, well-disposed, improve  
equipment, device, tool, utensil  
to vomit, to throw up, to spit  
to bite, to nip  
ton (measure of weight), tonnage  
to spout, to spray, to spurt, to puff  
kiss, to kiss  
to quarrel, to make a noise, disturbing  
(a groaning sound being surprised), Hmmm!  
'oh dear' or grunt/sigh of agreement, 'yes'  
to kidnap/to shanghai, to turn, crutch, cane  
only, alone, sole, -ism  
hey!, why?, look out!, How dare you!  
ancient, old, paleo-  
to consult, seek advice  
dyke, embankment, pool or pond, hot-water bathing pool  
wisdom, philosophy, wise  
throat, voice  
to swallow, drink, absorb  
to string together, chain, to conspire  
to shout, to call  
expel breath, (phonetic particle for "A"), my goodness  
oh (surprise), (interjection, when understanding)  
to groan, to snort, to hum, to croon, humph!  
sigh, gasp, exclaim  
to gasp, to pant, asthma  
recite, to moan, to hum  
narrow pass, throat, pharynx, to swallow  
to hang up, hang a person, suspend (agreement)  
What?, dialectal equivalent of 什么  
to order, instruct, command  
throat, larynx  
to submit, to petition, to show, to offer  
silent, hush, shhh!, implore, whoa!  
roar or howl of an animal, bellow of rage  
lucky, giga- (meaning billion or 10^9)  
admonish, to urge, to enjoin, to implore  
Sentence-final particle as exclamation  
to shout, bellow, blurt out, be noisy  
a metaphor, analogy, simile, allegory, to describe sth. as  
to exaggerate, empty, in vain, Tang-Dynasty  
oral instructions, to order  
to hiss, to whistle  
to sneer, ridicule to mock, twitter  
button, buckle, to fasten, discount (money), to cover  
modal particle indicating that sth is obvious  
mute, (onomat.)dumb, hoarse, husky  
sentry, lookout post, a whistle  
hey (exclamation of surprise)  
Wow!, sound of child's crying or of vomiting  
clamor, noise, crashing sound  
roar of laughter, to deceive, to coax, disturbance  
twitter, to cry (of birds), resonance  
master, lord, gentleman, ruler  
sting (mosquito, bee), to urge insistently  
sound of wind, trompet, horn  
to smell, to sniff, to nose  
sound of trumpet, horn or sharp noise (gunfire etc)  
to chew  
clamor, noise, deceitful  
the chirping of birds or insects, noise, clamor, buzzing  
breast feeding, feed, eat  
particle for question: Why? How? What?, to bite, loud  
garrulous, prattle, to receive the benefit of  
groan, moan  
saliva, to spit  
to seize, order or search to arrest sb.  
tremble, quiver, to shiver (of cold)  
Hey! (loanword), Hi!  
upright and honest, cheerful, to talk smoothly  
to gnaw, to nibble, to bite  
to chatter, gossip, nag  
noisy, clamorous, bustling, tumultuous  
to chew, to masticate  
(final exclamatory particle)  
to instigate, incite, to stir up  
to hold between the teeth, ...in the mouth  
sorrow, grief, pity, to lament, to condole  
to inherit, succession (to a title), continuing a tradition  
sack, purse, pocket (for money)  
child's cry, draw back corners of mouth  
(final particle when sth is obvious), to cough up  
startled, astonished  
hiss, neigh, Ss! (sucked between the teeth, when hesitating or thinking)  
onomat. buzz (of bees), hum, drone  
mumble, mutter, murmur  
(of mice) to squeak, (of small birds) to chirp /peep  
(sound) bang  
mile (=1,609 m), this (Cantonese)  
laugh, giggle  
toot, honk, to pout  
cackling sound, creak, crunch  
I see!, Oh!  
mumble in repetition  
to knock, to kowtow  
battle cry, sentence-final particle  
roar, bark (of animals), to pant  
to cry, to weep aloud, to crow, to hoot  
sound of coughing or vomiting  
bright, brilliant, clear  
I, my  
boom (of a drum), a thumping sound  
area comprising southern Jiangsu  
pitchpipe, pitch standard, one of the twelve semitones  
exhale, hiss  
distressed, embarrassed  
clamor, screaming, noise, rampant  
addicted to, fond of, preference, (word's end ...-phil)  
throat, to utter  
Oh! (sentence-final particle expressing exhortation)  
expression of surprise: ah! oh!  
incantation, magic spell, curse, malediction  
county, canton, region  
grumble, chatter  
Cantonese, Guangdong 广东  
a tiger's roar, to scare, bluff, to intimidate  
hiccup, hiccough, to cheat or dupe (Cantonese)  
to show off, to flaunt, to boast  
to scold, shout at, to hoot at  
oh (expression of agreement or surprise), not (Cantonese)  
(final particle equivalent to 了)  
to blame, fault, to punish, calamity, misfortune  
to bite, to devour  
howl, bawl  
laugh at, jeer, scoff at, sneer at  
onomat. for humming or whimpering  
dirt, disgrace  
minor government official or functionary (old)  
twitter, chirp  
sound to call cat  
aggressive, noise of rage, to cry out in anger  
to roar  
unlucky, bad, ill-omened, startling  
to choke (because of swallowing the wrong way)  
to bark  
to peck  
sound of escaping laughter, to water  
to sing, to recite poetry, chant  
crying sound of child  
to despair, absent-minded  
to greet by raising clasped hands  
to be angry at, to be displeased and annoyed  
to shout, to bawl, to yell (to urge on an animal)  
garrulous, mumble, to grumble, to mutter  
sound of breaking or snapping  
sound of gasping, ripping or giggling  
flowing flood, to chatter  
phonetic: ga  
to click one's tongue (in wonder or astonish)  
to suck  
clatter (of horses' hoofs)  
whooshing sound, swishing, rustle of skirts  
(used as phonetic "ka")  
to splash, pump water, to whisper, to mutter  
Oh! (exclamation of surprise)  
(interj. of disapproval), Oh, no!  
to spit (in contempt), pah!, bah!, pooh!  
to choke (on), to choke up, suffocate  
particle indicating necessity or obviousness  
(interjection expressing surprise): Oh!, Yo!  
beak, snout, to pant  

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