Radical 肖

Meaningalike, resemble
Used in:
somewhat, a little, a bit  
to disappear, to vanish, to eliminate  
to melt (metal), to cancel, to sell, to spent, bolt  
quiet, sad  
to peel, scrape, reduce, shave, to cut (down)  
similar, to resemble, to be like  
sentry, lookout post, a whistle  
bits, trivial, fragments, crumbs, filings, trifling  
tip of branch  
high and steep, precipitous, severe or stern  
to deliver, to bring sth to sb  
smart, good-looking  
scabbard, sheath  
saltpeter, to tan (leather)  
firmament, heaven  
easy-going, to loiter, leisurely, to stroll, ramble  

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