Radical 各

Meaningeach, everybody
Used in:
guest, customer, visitor  
road, path, way  
to fall, to drop (behind), decline  
each, every, various  
grid, lattice, pattern, square, standard  
plan, strategy, outline, to rob, plunder  
net, network, be in contact, net-like  
forehead, share, portion, amount  
to come to appearance, reveal, show, nectar  
to place, to put aside, to shelve  
bribery, bribe  
(final particle when sth is obvious), to cough up  
several rivers 'Luò'  
camel, white horse with a black mane  
sound of coughing or vomiting  
to bake (in a pan), to iron, to brand  
skeleton, bone, corpse  
respectful, scrupulous  
curdled milk, cheese  
to put down, to leave behind, to abandon or discard  
pavilion (usu. two-storied), cabinet (politics), rack, shelf  

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