Radical 旦

Meaningsun rise
Used in:
to obtain, to get, to gain, to catch (a disease), profit  
but, yet, however, merely, still  
early, morning  
to carry on shoulder, to undertake, to take responsibility  
to examine, to research, to check  
to measure, amount, to estimate, classifier (in Chinese grammar)  
government, morning, audience, pilgrimage  
dawn, morning, day-break  
the gall (bladder), the nerve, courage, guts  
to hinder, to obstruct, to block  
to announce, to declare (publicly), proclaim  
flat, open-hearted, smooth, level  
constant, permanent, fixed, usual, ordinary  
to tremble, to shiver, to shake, to vibrate  
without authority, to usurp, to monopolize, to be good at  
daytime, daylight  
clamor, noise, deceitful  
slag (smelting), remainder, dregs  
pleasant, genius and warm  
dawn, rising sun  
wall, city wall  
Chinese soapberry (Sapindus mukurossi)  
warming principle of the sun, trad. form of dry 干  
twitter, chirp  
sandalwood, hardwood  
to bare  
and, to reach to, the limits  
wash (color)  
halberd, a lance with two points  
extending all the way across, running through  

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