Radical 丷

Meaningcoming out
Used in:
to explain, to canvass, to persuade  
to close, to shut, to turn off, mountain pass  
to deliver, send, carry, give (as a present)  
younger brother, I (modest word in letter)  
in every case, always, gather, overall, chief  
single, individual, only, bill, list  
ladder, stairs, steps  
bottle, vase, pitcher, jar  
fat, plump  
cakes, pastry  
to unite, to join, unification  
strip off, to shed, get rid of, get away from  
to combine, to merge, also  
bullet, shot, pluck (a string instrument), pellet, elastic  
benefit, profit, advantage, to increase  
to toss, to throw dice  
to settle, to lay foundation, to fix, pay respect  
mourn, mourning, funeral  
card, letter, note, notice  
orchid, lily magnolia  
to admonish, to remonstrate  
I, we (imperial use), subtle  
tribal chief  

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