Radical 灬

Used in:
point, o'clock, drop (of liquid), dot stroke  
hot, heat, to warm up, fervent  
black, dark  
correct, right so, thus, like this, -ly  
illuminate, to shine, in accordance with, reflect  
bear, raging flames  
cakes, pastry  
ripe (of fruit), mature (of seeds), cooked (of food), skilled  
to burn, to ignite, to enlight, to spark off (hopes)  
to look at, to see (a doctor)  
burning fiercely, intense, ardent  
to cook, to boil  
to slowly boil sth., stew, to simmer, endure (suffering)  
black ink, China ink, Mexico 墨西哥  
scorched, burnt, charred, worried, anxious  
to conceal, to cover up (a shortcoming), to screen off  
to steam (cooking), sultry, to evaporate  
red, scarlet, bare, naked  
heroic, outstanding person, prominent  
to pan fry, to sauté  
to smoke, to fumigate, to perfume  
swallow (bird), Yan (state of Zhou)  
reef, shoal rock  
prosperous, splendid  
common people (or populace), numerous  
to terminate, cut short, to squeeze, to reduce  
cover over, to envelope  
firewood, gather wood  
haggard, pallid and thin  
dim light, glimmer, warm, bright  

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