Radical 厂

Used in:
desire, hope, wish  
to pass through, history, calendar  
to press, to push down, pressure, to keep under (control)  
origin, cause, primary  
tight (closely sealed), strict, father  
contrary, to oppose, against, instead, to reverse  
character, nature, pawn, pledge  
(reception) hall, administration, office  
thick, deep or profound, kind, generous  
strict, severe, harsh  
ore, mine  
to encourage, to urge  
to loathe, dislike, detest  
rest-room, toilet, lavatory  
广 extensive, wide, numerous, to spread  
ash, dust, lime, gray, discouraged, dejected  
shield, contradiction  
to give birth, to produce, estate  
factory, production site, workhouse  
shore, beach, coast, haughty  
one hundredth, centi-  
mansion, tall building, rear annex, lean-to  
source, origin (of a river), reason  
compartment, box (in theater), side room, side  
to follow, to adhere to, to abide by  
lose consciousness, to faint, his, her, their  
distress, adversity  
wardrobe, closet, cabinet  
mutually, with one another, manservant, boy servant, guy  
wild goose  
to evade, to flee, hide, to conceal oneself  
clap of thunder  
to drip, to strain or filter, a trickle  

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