Radical 丰

Meaninggrowing plant
Used in:
life, to be born, to grow, raw/uncooked  
exterior surface, outside, to show (one's opinion)  
passion, emotion, feeling, situation  
to help, to assist, to support, side (of boat etc)  
eye, eyeball  
clear, fine (weather)  
to damage, to cause trouble to, calamity  
clear, pure, to clean up, purge  
calm, quiet, not moving  
merit, accomplishment  
responsibility, duty, to reproach, to blame  
personality, nature, character, sexuality, gender  
abundant, plentiful, great, buxom  
proud, arrogant, to despise, unyielding, to defy  
wheat, barley, oats  
poison, narcotics, evil  
diligent, industrious, hardworking, regular  
green or blue, youth  
bee, wasp  
cautious, careful, solemnly, sincerely (formal)  
colorful, splendid, gaudy, amorous, romantic, to envy  
element, essence, nature, vegetarian, constituent, ever  
domestic animal, pet  
to plant, to grow, to insert  
linchpin of a wheel, to govern, control, administrative  
to tie, bind or fasten together, to kidnap  
debt, liability, obligation  
luxuriant (plant growth), Philippines 菲律宾  
nation, country, state  
to carve, carved words, a contract, agreement  
by means of, to insult, sleeping mat  
sincere, honest, guileless  
mussel, clam, oyster, shell  

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