Radical 正

Used in:
correct, indeed, to be:am/is  
topic, problem for discussion, subject, to inscribe  
correct, just (right), straight, principle  
egg, oval shaped  
to carry/hold in a hand (suspended), to lift, to raise  
clear, orderly, distinct, pain, suffering  
to set, to fix, to determine, to order, surely  
certificate, proof, to demonstrate, to confirm  
in good order, exactly, to repair, to punish  
to doubt, to misbelieve, to suspect  
campaign, impose (taxes), expedition, evidence  
politics, government  
martial, military  
at a crooked angle, devious, noxious, askew  
to spread, extend, to prolong, to delay, defer  
illness, disease, symptom  
to punish, to reprimand, to warn  
scatter, sparse, scanty, neglect, thin, to dredge  
to congeal, coagulate, to gaze/stare at sb.  
to revolve, a loop, a circle, whirl, return  
dike, dam, embankment  
to beg for alms, beggar  
calcium (chemistry, Ca)  
sediment, deposits, precipitate  
taxation, bestow on, endow with, poetic essay  
terrified, to stare blankly, startled  
where, how  
婿 son-in-law  
to burst open, rend, open seam  
beautiful, sweet, captivating, engaging  
all, together, mutually, assist, to store  
stars of the Big Dipper  

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