Radical 忄

Used in:
rapid, quick, speed  
passion, emotion, feeling, situation  
busy, hurriedly  
to understand, to know  
to fear, to be afraid, to dread  
weird, bewildering, monster  
accustomed to, used to, indulge, to spoil (a child)  
怀 bosom, breast, to think of, to conceive (a child)  
personality, nature, character, sexuality, gender  
memory, to recollect, to remember  
regret, pity, to rue, to begrudge  
to be frightened, to be scared, alarm  
to pity, to sympathize  
to get angry, hate, enraged  
regret, remorse, repentance  
happiness, cheerful, joyful, pleased  
lazy, idle, inactive  
to hate, bitterness, to regret  
to restore, to recover, great  
quiet, sad  
to get panicky, confused, to lose one's head  
careful, cautious, prudent  
regret (sense of loss or dissatisfaction)  
ashamed, remorse  
ashamed, disgrace  
constant, permanent, fixed, usual, ordinary  
terror, terrified, afraid, frightened  
to worry, anxiety, sorrow  
appropriate, just, exactly, precisely, suitable  
joy, pleased  
miserable, wretched, cruel, inhuman, tragic  
generous, sad  
unexpectedly, to stare blankly, distracted, rashly  
to fear, dread, be afraid of  
cowardly, timid, rustic  
enlightment, consciousness, awareness, to comprehend  
anger, furious, resentment, indignant  
indistinct, distracted, flurried, disappointed  
fearful, alert, on guard, respectful  
vehement, fervent, generous, giving, magnanimous  
mourn, lament  
laziness, lazy  
compassion, to regret, to sigh in regret or pity  
fear, dread, dislike  
to think of, to remember, to miss  
lax, relaxed, negligent  
terrified, to stare blankly, startled  
startled, astonished  
-ism, only  
to sympathize, to pity, to feel compassion for  
be feared, afraid, to frighten, to intimidate  
to ponder, to speculate, to consider, to guess  
harmony, pleased  
fierce, violent, heroic, courageous, intrepid, dauntless  
to go against, to be contrary to, perverse, rebellious  
cowardly, weak, timid, imbecile  
feel remorse, regret, repent  
to regret  
anxiety, sympathy, to give relief, to compensate  
to rely on, mother (formal)  
absent-minded, confused, indistinct  
grieved, distressed, sad, uneasy  
honesty, sincerity  
tranquil, understand  
frightened, afraid, nervous  
depressed, regretful, upset, despair  
disconcerted, discouraged, dejected, disappointed  
joyful, kind, be contented  
downcast, haggard, sad, distressed  
respectful, scrupulous  
haggard, pallid and thin  
hatred, to detest  
to palpitate, fearful, afraid, perturbed  
sincere, honest, guileless  
irresolute, unsettled  
angry, vexation, indignant  
to long for, yearn for, awaken  
quiet, calm, tranquil, peaceful  
anxious, worried  
cheerful, satisfied  

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