Radical 卩

Meaningbent person
Used in:
clothes, dress, to take (medicine)  
to announce, to inform, report, newspaper  
foot, leg, base  
grandfather, grandpa, old gentleman  
to retreat, to go back, but, yet  
immediate, prompt, namely, to approach  
a stamp, to mark, engrave, seal  
to guard, protect, defend, hygiene  
to govern, to manage, imperial, defend, resist  
to unload, unhitch, remove or strip, get rid of  
press down, restrain, restrict, suppress, or  
high ranking official (old), honorific (old)  
to knock, to kowtow  
egg, ovum, spawn  
to splash, pump water, to whisper, to mutter  
4th earthly branch: Rabbit, mortise (slot for wooden tenon)  

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