Radical �

Meaninglying person
Used in:
every, each  
to repeat, again, reply (to a letter)  
clan, race, nationality, ethnicity  
to injure, injury, wound  
ocean, sea  
thus, therefore, so, like that  
decoration, ornament, adorn, conceal  
implement a measure, to grant, to bestow, to carry out  
to lack, deficient, to owe, yawn  
to fill, overflowing, brimming, completely  
to drag, to pull, to trail, to delay, to drag on  
to beg  
to revolve, a loop, a circle, whirl, return  
banner, flag  
beautiful jade, star  
bunch, crowded, gathered, gather foliage  
warming principle of the sun, trad. form of dry 干  
to order, to direct, keep in order  
imperial (ruler's) seal  

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