Radical 王

Used in:
present, now, existing, current, appear  
ball, sphere, globe  
squad, team, class, work shift, group  
toy, play, sth used for amusement  
to expect, to hope, to visit, to gaze (into the distance)  
ring, loop, (chain), bracelet  
reason, intrinsic order, logic, science  
to juggle, play with, lane, alley, to fool with  
regulation, rule, order, procedure  
to stroll, to roam, to visit  
king, monarch  
precious thing, treasure  
smooth, lubricate, moist  
glass, colored glaze  
a treasure, jewel or gem, precious  
mad, wild, violent  
bead, pearl  
to submit, to petition, to show, to offer  
flourishing, prosperous, roaring (fire)  
twisted, crooked, in the wrong, in vain  
to cut (gems)  
agate, cornelian  
gem, beautiful jade  
jasper, fine jade, exquisite (e.g. wine, food), beautiful  
propitious, lucky, auspicious  
trifling, fragmentary  
beautiful jade, star  
excellence, luster of gems  
sound of tinkling (ting-a-ling) of gem-pendants  
precious stone, jade, nacre, precious  
precious stone  
extraordinary, (semi-precious stone)  
ooze, expanse of water  
(crystal), lustrous  
fine jade, angel  
to show off, to flaunt, to boast  
jade plaything, ancient stone ornament  
gem, precious stone, curio  
precious stone, gem, treasure  
unlucky, bad, ill-omened, startling  
anxious, grieved  
tinkling of pendants, jade-like stone  
jade-like stone  
guitar-like instrument, see 琵琶, lute  
exquisite, tinkling of gem-pendants  
brilliancy (of gems), fine jade, genius  
beautiful jade  
vessel used to hold grain offerings  
blemish, flaw in jade, defect  
pearl or jade earring  
unpolished gem  

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