Radical 合

Used in:
to supply, provide, for the benefit of, to do sth (for sb)  
to answer, reply, respond  
to seize, to hold, to catch, to apprehend  
to fit, to join, to close, to be equal to, 100 ml  
to pick up, to collate or arrange, ten (in finance)  
small box, case  
laughter, yawn  
to put up, build (scaffolding), join  
appropriate, just, exactly, precisely, suitable  
pagoda, tower, stupa  
pigeon, dove  
accord, to agree, to make contact, in harmony  
eczema, swelling or lump on skin, pimple  
jaw (= maxilla and mandible)  
to despair, absent-minded  
clam, frog, toad  

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