Radical �

Used in:
to have, there is, there are, to exist, to be  
affair, matter, thing, item, work  
left, unorthodox  
right side, on the right  
snow, snowfall  
wife, to marry off (a daughter)  
urgent, pressing, rapid, hurried  
to act as, match equally, suitable, adequate  
dispute, to strive for, to argue or debate  
sugar, sweets, candy  
diary, record, to hit, to copy  
married woman  
to go back, to return, to resign, conclude  
spirit, departed soul, quick, alert, efficacious, effective  
intelligent, wisdom, knowledge  
to search, to look for, to seek  
file, shelve, official records, grade (of goods)  
cloth, to declare, to announce  
keep off, to resist, obstruct hinder, to block  
modest, humble  
dyke, embankment, pool or pond, hot-water bathing pool  
ordinary, to use (often negative)  
concealed, secret, hidden, crypto-...  
to exaggerate, empty, in vain, Tang-Dynasty  
sad, mournful, ice-cold frigid, dismal, grim, bleak  
to immerse, to soak, to steep, gradually  
to grasp, to hold, to maintain  
to administer, to oversee, to run, magistrate (old)  
age, 7th of the 10 Heavenly Stems 十天干  
he, she, abbr. for Iraq or Iran  
persist, continue (as a song)  

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