Radical 者


Used in:
all, entirely, each, even, already, capital city  

person, (used to refer to previous)  

outstanding, to make known, to prove, to write(book)  

wall, to block up, (to feel) suffocated or stifled  

heat, hot weather, summer heat  

beginning (of silk cocoon), clue, introduction  

pig, swine, hog  

to cook, to boil  

to save, store, have in reserve  

to gamble, to bet  

a lot of, various, all  

government office, bureau, to sign  

to observe, to see  

extravagant, luxurious, wasteful  

slaughter, slaughter man  

toot, honk, to pout  

hesitate, indecisive  

potato, yam  

daybreak, dawn, the dawn of a new epoch (metaphor)  

surname Chu  

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