Radical ⻏

Used in:
that, those, then (in that case)  
all, entirely, each, even, already, capital city  
how, which  
to help, to assist, to support, side (of boat etc)  
mail, postal, post (office)  
neighbor, adjacent, close to  
section, ministry, department, division  
suburbs, outskirts  
a youth, gentleman, noun prefix denoting function or status  
dense (growth), melancholy, elegant  
corridor, veranda, porch  
to tie, bind or fasten together, to kidnap  
rustic, low, base, mean, to despise, to scorn  
to toss, to throw dice  
big, wide, outline  
serious, solemn  
evil, demonic, iniquitous, nefarious  
nation, country, state  
toot, honk, to pout  
mound, hill, grave  
abbr. for Hubei 湖北 province in central China  
ancient place name  
county, canton, region  
city, village  
(phonetic ye), i.e. Jesus 耶稣 (yē sū)  
vassal state during the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BC)  
surname Deng  
mansion, lodging-house, residence  
enclosure, outer city wall  
(place name), surname Xíng  
large, vast, abundant  
dragonfly, mantis  
name of a district in Hebei  

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